Bent Glass Lamps

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Glass lamps which are usually called bent glass lamps, are the most preferably chosen source of light. Low price, the wide variety of patterns make them enjoy the attention of many customers. Undoubtedly, the leadership on this field belongs to Nowodvorski Lighting. There are over 500 different patterns of the bent glass lamps in the producer’s offer. Almost every DIY shops have Nowodvorski products contracted in their offer. Obviously, our online shop offers the full selection of Nowodvorski bent glass lamps. How to choose the proper bent lamp glass to your house? You should take into consideration few very important things. If the glass is bent in the shape of cylinder, this kind of glass lamps are often installed on the wall like traditional wall lamps. The upper and the lower part are not exposed. As a result of this, light glares can occur from the top and from below. They do not look aesthetically on the ceiling. While choosing the bent glass lamp which is meant to be placed on the ceiling, you should choose the kind of lamp bent in the shape of dish. The shade will closely adhere to the ceiling not causing any light glares and let the light spread through freely in different directions. Please, take a closer look at our wide offer.

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